Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Day in Pictures

Same old stuff going on over here, so I thought I'd do something different today ... my day in photos.

It was a rainy drive to the gym this morning - yup, it was still dark outside. 

My first try at one of those take-a-picture-of-yourself-through-the-mirror -- during my workout this morning

A second self-portrait - after I'm showered and ready for work.

Traffic was unusually bad this morning; I'm glad I left the gym 5 minutes earlier than usual.

I knew I was going to be a bit short on time once I got to my office, so I ate my post-workout breakfast in the car -- sliced up omelet muffins & 1/2 an avocado.

The parking situation sucks at work; I usually park up here on the curb. It's one of the advantages of driving a Hummer ;) [yes I know it sucks for the environment, but I've made my peace with it]

A glimpse of part of the university building that I work in. They've been making some effort recently to add some greenery to the grounds. It definitely gives it a bit more of a welcoming look.

Some people are surprised I take the stairs at work; I'm surprised they don't! It's only 2 flights!

A few motivating words in my office for my students

I love my job, but there are days when I feel like this ... 

The main classroom I'm teaching in this semester. It's so plain and uninspiring. 
Unfortunately it's a shared classroom so there's not much I can do to liven it up. 

My mid-morning snack - mix of raw cashews, almonds, walnuts and some raisins. Only ate 1/4 of it.

A trip to the supermarket - fish/seafood; veggies; egg whites; raw nuts.

I found this stuck to my car door after coming out of the supermarket. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. Some guy left his number on my car. That hasn't happened in quite a while, hahaha. 

We went from rainy weather in the morning to crazy dusty weather in the afternoon. It was really nasty!

Lunch - salmon over puy lentils. Same as last night's dinner (actually this pic is from last night - 
I was so hungry when I came home that I ate before I could take a pic). 

I had a busy afternoon. I needed to get some paperwork done for my car, but couldn't complete it because of the nasty weather outside. I had an unexpected guest drop by in the evening, and then I headed out for a girl's night at one of my friend's houses. Another busy day!

Today's Workout
Cardio: 15 minutes cross-trainer; 19 minutes treadmill HIIT
Weights: NROL Workout A4 -- I'm really pleased with how I performed today; definitely super-pleased about my 2 sets of 15 reps squats at 60kg (132 lbs); I improved in other areas as well
Stretching: 15 minutes
Burpees: 20 {challenge total: 920/20,130}

Today's Food
Breakfast: 2 dates; 1 tablespoon of peanut butter & then 3 egg muffins & half an avocado post-morning workout
Lunch: Baked salmon on puy lentils (leftovers)
Dinner: Big grilled vegetable salad that also had grilled halloumi in it
Snack: Small slice of chocolate cake at my friend's house; not on plan at all, but I have to admit I did enjoy it.

Looking forward to a hopefully more relaxing day tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for giving a glimpse of your life. I like the salmon and lentils combo, I'll give it a try. Does your Hummer have a garage? The Shamal would strip the paint job right off your rig.

  2. What are puy lentils? I like fish and especially salmon but I really have no experience cooking fish and don't want to mess it up. I saw that you had a baked haddock recipe. Would it work for other fish too?

    I liked all the pictures and I would not apologize for the Hummer.

  3. Hi! This is one of my favorite posts of yours, ever. Your gym looks a lot like my gym--I guess all that matters is what you do in them. A classroom is only as good as the instructor and students in it. You looked awfully lovely in your work outfit. Love that you got a note on your car from an admirer, but better that you're married. :D Your dinner looked super yummy.

    :-) Marion

  4. I really enjoyed this post. It's so fun to see a "day in the life in photos." Thanks for sharing it.


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