Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back to 'Normal'

From tomorrow, things will be back to normal, and I am so EXCITED!

D's parents left Kuwait today, so that marks the end of family visits (dad earlier this month and his parents for the past ten days), which also means that I can finally get into my routine the way I would like it to be.

My proper teaching schedule starts tomorrow, and that will basically be the foundation of my day. The rest of my routine will be organized around my classes/office hours/meetings/prep/marking etc. Although having time off is nice, I definitely function better when I've got a schedule in place and a routine to follow.

Not having out of town visitors also means no more eating out. Even though I tried to make the best choices when I went out, I know I ate more than usual and the foods were not always prepared in the healthiest way possible. Now I am back in control in terms of food and that feels really, really good.

I've pretty much got a clear stretch to work & workout for the next 7 weeks after which I've got my first trip of the year (Dallas, TX for a conference - yay!). I really, really want to make these next 7 weeks count and hopefully reward myself with a mini shopping spree in the States :)

Week in Review (Jan. 20 - 26)
Workouts: 13 in total [1 outdoor walk/run; 1 body balance class; 3 cardio-focus sessions; 2 weight training sessions; 6 MMA training practices]
Daily stretching: 7 days - 15 minutes a day
Burpee count: 340 {challenge total: 780/20,130}

Plan for the upcoming week -- try to complete as many things on my January 2013 Checklist!! I'm especially falling behind on my academic stuff. I really can't slack in that area. I've got a lot of catching up to do. I definitely have to modify my plans for next month and make them a bit more realistic. Most importantly, totally clean up my eating!!

Today's Workout
MMA: Cardio Kickboxing @ClubFit (1 hour 15 min)
Stretching: 15 minutes
Burpees: 30 {chalenge total: 780/20,130}

Today's Food
Breakfast: 1/2 blueberry muffin & caramel latte (ya, I know); 1/2 egg white omelet (it wasn't very good) & green tea
Lunch: grilled lamb w/hummus and pita bread
Dinner: tandoori fish; curried potatoes and rice (leftovers from yesterday)
Snacks: a few different sweets - mindless eating really *shaking my head*

Alright, it's the end of the weekend. My meals for the week are done; my outfits for work have been laid out. My intended workouts have been outlined. A good night's rest and I should be good to go! 


  1. It sounds like you have everything planned out!!! I'm jealous and inspired!!! Having everything in life planned really eases allot of stress doesn't it??? I plan to follow you in plannign evrything... after this WEEK! i'm moving on friday so things will be a little crazy!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thirteen workouts in seven days is an amazing feat from my point of view. I did three Jazzecise classes plus four yoga routines around 30 minutes each. You're doing great! :)


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