Monday, January 14, 2013

Training Issues

My training schedule is upside down at the moment. I've got my list of things that I want to achieve (based on my goals for January and 2013). However, I don't feel organized.

My main issue is with CrossFit. The advanced class that I was a part of has been cancelled because there were only 3 of us attending. The other two girls do a lot of CrossFit and also do Olympic lifting with the Box. They also have their own beginners class. The Coach suggested that I join their class to keep with the training. However, after my first experience at the end of last year, I am reluctant to try. The girls are really good and very enthusiastic about CrossFit. However, the reason why I joined the Box and stuck with this one is because I was paying for the expertise of our Coach.

A lot of people hear the word CrossFit and immediately think of injuries and overtraining. However, I truly believe that if you have a good trainer who knows what they are doing, then you'll be fine. When you're doing such intense exercises and you're lifting that much weight, you've got to trust and have complete confidence in those who are around you, particularly your trainer.

I only ever felt that way with our Coach ... and now he's not giving the classes, so I really don't feel comfortable training.

What this boils down to, at the moment, is that I won't be continuing with CrossFit.

I'm quite sad about this. I really did enjoy it and saw a lot of progress in my general fitness levels.

Still, it's not the end of the world. There are tons more things that I can do to continue with my training. I just need to figure it out. I guess that's the phase I'm in at the moment.

I've definitely got plenty going on. I've got Sidekick Academy for my taekwondo/kickboxing/jiujitsu training. Plus I've got the cardio kickboxing at ClubFit. On top of that I've got my general gym membership for regular training.

I know 3 gym memberships sounds insane, but I actually use ALL of them regularly.

I definitely do not want to stop resistance training. I absolutely believe that lifting weights is the way to go. However, I've got to balance it out with the martial arts training that I'm starting. I don't want to overdo it. I'd like the workouts to all compliment each other. Since I'm not doing CrossFit anymore, perhaps I'll just do weight training at my regular gym and get a personal trainer once in a while when I want to focus on heavy lifts. I'm not sure.

This is going to take some working out.

I'm supposed to meet with a trainer later on this week to talk about my general nutrition and fitness goals. Hopefully he'll help me figure out how to balance everything so that I'm getting the most out of the energy and time (and money) that I've invested into these different workouts.


  1. I'm saddened to read this! I know how much you loved CrossFit. I'm a little confused, your coach wants you to train with the more advanced athletes but he won't be there? Sorry, if I'm missing something.

    I've never heard of any CrossFit in the states offering 'advanced' crossfit classes. In my neck of the woods, everyone is offered the same wod and if you can Rx it, awesome! If you need to scale it, scale it! When we practice olympic lifts, we just work in with people who are on the same level. Everyone gets the same coaching...I can't imagine my coaches ever telling me to let someone who is not a certified, experienced CrossFit coach lead a class.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble. I know you will come up with a great plan and continue to keep kicking ass.

  2. Trust...I understand completely.

  3. I'm impressed with the people that I know who do CrossFit. I've seen pictures of them (and you) lifting huge weights. I hurt my back just doing five pound weights a year or so ago. I kind of know my limits so I'll stick with them. :)

  4. CrossFit is amazing. I know that you are sad but maybe it will work out again later?


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