Sunday, August 21, 2011

Biggest Loser

I usually download a TV series or two to watch while I'm away on vacation for those times when I'm just lounging in the hotel room. On this trip I started watching The Biggest Loser Couples (season 7). I've only ever watched 3 seasons (and not in order) since they don't show it regularly in Kuwait. I think it's been a great show to watch on vacation for many reasons.

Mainly, you really can't watch that show and make extremely bad food choices. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy your food, but I think what it's done for me (yes I know I've only been traveling for 2 days) is serve as a reminder - you don't need to eat junk food, you don't need to gorge on chocolates etc. It's just helping me be conscious of what I'm doing - and more importantly where I want to be. If I do have dessert (which I do), I know that I'm going to put in the effort to walk a little faster or watch what I'm eating at my next meal.

People always say - I can treat myself. I'm on vacation. I absolutely agree -- but I think my definition of what a treat for myself is changing. The treat now is that I'm trying on clothes 2 dress sizes less than the last time I was here. Screw those chocolate cupcakes. I want that smaller sized dress!!

Feelin' motivated and energized ... and totally Lovin' London!

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  1. I could not agree more with your philosophy. My definitely of indulging is so much different than it was before. Now when I indulge, I have a piece of candy, or a few bites of dessert instead of a HUGE piece like I would have had before. Luckily my husband would split a cupcake with me if I asked him to LOL But I'm digging buying smaller sizes too :)


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