Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making Progress

Today was a good day!

It started off in a bit of a rush as I tried to get myself organized and out the door in time to make it for the 8 a.m. RPM class. I really should have got my stuff ready last night, but time just got ahead of me. In any case, I made it for the class just in time ... it was a tough one. Really worked up a sweat and I realized that I hadn't done a straight 50-60 minutes of cardio in quite some time - possibly since my last RPM session. Anyway. It was quite a challenge.

I wasn't sure if I was going to do Workout B today or not - mainly because I did the long cardio session, but I decided to go ahead with the weights workout.

It went really, really well too. I upped a few more of my weights - even hit 10 kg for my shoulder presses today!! Yay!! I'm very proud of that number. It really makes a difference knowing that I'm only doing 3 sets of 8 reps ... I really want to make sure that I push myself to lift as heavy as I can for the last two workouts before the 2 challenge workouts. Doing only 8 reps doesn't feel too overwhelming. Hopefully I'll be able to hit good numbers next week as well. Overall I felt really good.

My workout was followed by a great study session with my BFF who is also doing her PhD at the moment. We definitely stopped to laugh and chat a few times, but overall we were very productive - much more than if I had been working at home alone. Hopefully we'll be able to squeeze in another study session or two before I head off to London.

It's finally the weekend - unfortunately, not much planned except for a workout and lots and lots of studying/editing/writing/reading ... it's ok. It'll be vacation time soon enough!


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