Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making Do

I spent most of today stuck behind a desk trying to work on the draft of my thesis that I should hand in by Friday. It's not coming along well. I'm definitely having a difficult time focusing in a new/different environment. Also trying to sort through data on just my Netbook versus my iMac makes a huge difference. In any case, I got a few hours of wok done but I still have days of work to cram into the upcoming 36 hours!

To take a bit of a break I decided to go or a quick walk just before dinner. It was my first proper outdoor walk since being here - and I loved it! It made such a difference to walk outside and not on a treadmill ... and breathing in the cool, crisp fresh air versus the dusty, dry air of Kuwait was such a treat! After my walk (only half an hour) I did some resistance work - tricep dips, lunges, bicep curls, side bends etc.

I know it's good that I'm doing something while I'm away but I have no idea how effective it will actually be. We'll see ...

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  1. Something is better than nothing! When I go on vacation I take a complete break and though I do have fun, I usually always suffer the consequences too!! Yikes! Great work!


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