Monday, August 22, 2011

Resting for Tomorrow

I've been feeling exhausted all day today. I think part of it is mild jet-lag and the exhaustion I was feeling before traveling that has added up. Plus the weekend in London with all the walking and excitement didn't help me rest either. Anyway. Today I'm catching up on my sleep and preparing for tomorrow's official fitness test.

I've booked a full fitness test and health evaluation for tomorrow at one of the private hospitals here in London. I've been at this plateau weight for so long that I thought it would be worth getting a full check-up to see what's happening and hopefully get some advice on how to make my workouts more effective and also get some tips about improving my nutrition. I know I put in the time and effort and I am conscious of making healthy choices and doing exercise -- but I feel like I'm stuck. I figured since I have changed my routine up it was a good idea to have a proper health evaluation. I really hope the tests go well tomorrow and that I come out with some good advice.

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