Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stage 1 Challenge B

That's it! I did it! I completed all of Stage 1 plus the two bonus workouts at the end ... and I.Am.Exhausted!!

I'm flying out tomorrow morning so I have a zillion errands to run, but there was no way I was going to miss this last workout. My original plan was to get to the gym by 7 a.m., do the NROL4W workout, and then do RPM (class starts at 8:00 a.m.) as my last cardio.

Things didn't go exactly as I had planned. I was so tired this morning - had a late night last night and I think the stress of the past few days (weeks) is really catching up to me. Anyway. I didn't want to rush myself and end up having a bad workout so I decided to just make it for RPM and then do the challenge workout afterwards.

I sure did feel the effects of yesterday's squats and step-ups during RPM. I really gave it my all - kind of had that 'last chance workout' (from The Biggest Loser) idea in my head. You know that favorite quote of mine from Jillian? 'Unless you puke, faint, or die - keep going!' Well I had that running through my head especially for tracks 5-7 ... I honestly thought that in the middle of track 7 I was going to throw up - but I didn't and I didn't lower my resistance either - I just kept going. Whew! Cardio over ... now on to Workout B.

I used the same strategy as yesterday - as many reps as possible in 2 minutes using the starting weight from the first workout.

Dead lifts @ 30 kg -- damn they felt heavy! I only managed to do 30 reps.
Shoulder presses @ 5 kg (dumbbells) -- 45 reps (wish I had hit 50)
Lateral pull @ 34.05 -- 30 reps
Lunges with 6 kg dumbbell in each hand - 50 reps per leg (Ouch!!! My legs were burning!)
Swiss ball crunches -- 75

I definitely felt tired and a bit strained while I was doing this workout. I know I should have rested more, but I know I would have been very disappointed if I hadn't tried.

So that's it. I finished all of Stage 1. I'm not going to have access to a gym until I'm back, but the good thing about being in London is that I walk so much - a huge contrast to living in Kuwait where we drive everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. So I'm looking forward to some daily walking plus I've been working on a mini-exercise routine that I hope I can keep up with while I'm away - will share it in the next post or two.

Ok. On to the other zillion errands!


  1. Have fun on vacation! Sounds like you'll be getting back right when I'm leaving. We're starting off in London. Funny if we're there at the same time. We'll be gone for 3 weeks too. I'll miss chatting with you. Have a great time!

  2. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Good for you for getting your exercise on, I havent been able to but must have lost a few pounds from all the running around and cleaning going on here :)


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