Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I know I Can. I Know I Can.

As I drove to the gym this morning, I had one thing in mind - I will not doubt myself. I will push myself a bit harder, and I will not let fear hold me back. When I did Workout 5A two days ago, I kept thinking about the squats I did (not that I could forget because my thighs were still burning). It wasn't about the exercise, it was about the weight that I used. If T hadn't put 30 kg on the bar, I would have just gone to 27 ... that's when I realized, maybe I'm not working to my potential. That was something that I was going to try and change today.

The first thing was my warm-up cardio. I used to do just 0.5 km to get my heart rate up. Today I decided to increase it to 1 km and just focus on trying to improve my speed over the next two weeks. It was just a warm-up so I didn't want to overdo it - 1 km was totally manageable and throwing in a few 30-second sprints wasn't a problem either.

Now, on to workout 5B ... dead lifts. The last time I did dead lifts I went up to 37 kg. This is
what the bar looked like ... obviously there wasn't enough space for me to add a 1 kg weight to the bar ... I already had a 10, 5, 2.5, and 1 kg on there ... so I thought f*ck it - I'm putting 40 kg on. I went ahead and loaded the bar and told myself - you can do this. You can absolutely do this ... and I did. I have to admit the last three reps of each set were tough - mainly because I felt the bar slipping from my hand, but I just took a deep breath and held on - I was determined to finish my three sets without faltering in between reps. It felt great. I felt like I was using just the right weight - not impossible, but still quite challenging. I'm can't wait until I get to the point where 40 kg won't be a problem and I can move on.

Anyway. I then went up to do the rest of my weights. I started all the exercises with the same weight I did last week ... and then for the second and third sets, I increased the weights.

I feel like I've got the weakest shoulders in the world. Before I started this routine, I could barely use 3 kg dumbbells to do the shoulder presses -- today I used 8 kg dumbbells! I was stoked! The next challenge was the lateral pull. Now, last week I did 34 kg ... this week, well, the next weight on the machine is 41 kg ... that's a big jump. It was quite intimidating but then I paused again and said - you can do it. Push yourself. You have to take it up a notch. So I adjust the weight to 41 and went for it. Like the dead lifts, the last three reps for each set were really, really tough. I paid attention to my posture, but I wasn't able to pull the bar as low as I would have liked. Still, I kept telling myself - Come on, you've done 5, you can surely do 6. Ok, now you've done 6, let's wrap this up and do the final 4 ... anyway - you get the picture. So again, I'm pleased that I tried and I definitely feel like I'm using a weight that is appropriate as it's giving me something to work up to.

I carried 8 kg dumbbells for my lunges as well - my thighs were still burning from before so the lunges were tough! Still, I'm definitely getting better - going lower, feeling more steady - now I've just got to get used to the weight. Finally - Swiss ball crunches - no problem!

I finished up my workout today with 4km on the cross-trainer. I haven't been on the cross-trainer since my bronchitis hit, so I was a bit nervous, but I went for it anyway -- it was good. I cut my time down by 2 minutes! I hadn't expected that ... I'm going to keep pushing to work on increasing my intensity/resistance and building my speed.

Overall, I felt really good today. I felt strong. I felt like I had accomplished something. I actually felt proud of myself for not letting any doubtful thoughts sway me from taking it up a notch. Now I just have to apply this positive thinking to all the other aspects of my life!

Workout 5 complete -- Three more workout sets before the final challenge!


  1. Well done. Getting over that mental hurdle is a big step. It must feel so great to have reached this point. Awesome!!

  2. First off, thanks so much for all of the support you've left on my blog lately. Hopefully I can encourage you just as much once my move is complete and my life is my own again.

    Second of all--dang girl! What a great workout! I'm considering getting a personal trainer and starting to do weight training, but I want to lose some more weight before I do that. I'm thinking that I'll try to get into it around Christmas time. You're doing an amazing job!


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