Saturday, August 20, 2011

Walkin' and Shoppin'

Today was my first full day of vacation. Like many other people, the worrying question while on vacation is - How will I keep up with my routine while I'm away?

I'm usually not too worried about my London trip because walking is pretty much automatically worked into my daily routine. I think just that extra activity from hardly any extra movement aside from the gym in Kuwait to walking to the tube station, walking in parks, etc. makes a difference. This time, I was going try to work in a bit extra into my routine ... But also give my body some much needed rest.

That rest started on the plane where I scored a free upgrade to business class -- bliss! I stretched all, the way out and SLEPT! My muscles were unbelievably sore from the consecutive weight training pre-travel so this was a real unexpected treat! I didn't do anything except relax for the rest of the day.

This morning I headed off to see a friend who is actually one of the trainers at my gym. Our London tip just happened to overlap. On our agenda was SHOPPING! I already knew we would be doing major walking - so I wasn't too worried about getting exercise for the day ... But I still did some before leaving. I've come up with a mini exercise routine to do while I'm here. It's basically a total of 500 reps of various exercises ... So 200 sit-up, 50 leg raises, 50 squats; 20 push-ups etc etc until I reached 500. I'm going to try and do a similar routine every other morning just to help keep up with some training I did before traveling.

Anyway. We did a ton of walking throughout the day and evening. It felt so good to be walking outdoors in the crisp, cool air - such a difference from the dusty air of Kuwait. So far, a great start to this holiday :)

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  1. Business class score!! Good job. We used miles to upgrade so we're flying in style too. Yay for upgrades. So envious that you're already there. Only two more weeks for us. I keep meaning to ask you like living in Kuwait? I'm so fascinated by it.


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