Wednesday, March 21, 2012

American Style Eating

Every year the US Embassy in Kuwait holds their 4th of July party in March -- I know that doesn't really make sense, but nobody wants to be outdoors in the middle of summer in Kuwait's heat! Anyway. I've been going to the embassy event for the past two years. It's not bad - live music, fireworks, and of course the 'drinks' tent (alcohol is illegal in Kuwait, so you can imagine how long the line is to get into the drink tent)! In addition to all that, there is food.

The US Embassy has all the American restaurants in Kuwait set up booths, and it's an all you can eat food fest (for free). Sound exciting? I thought so the first year - wondering what yummy food I would get to eat.

The first year I went, I left without eating a thing.
Last year, I ate before I went.
This year, I'll do the same.


Every. Single. Thing. was either deep fried, covered in cheese, or dripping with fat. Everything.

It's not a sit-down dinner event - it's like a lawn party. There are booths. People are walking around just grabbing something to eat, so it's not like the restaurants are looking to serve plates of salad. No, they want quick, easy to carry and consume food - fast food. Junk food.

I was really disappointed. All that food, and nothing appealing to eat. I think the most 'harmless' food was probably pizza. I know a slice of pizza won't kill me, but it really wasn't that appealing at all. What also surprises me, but is probably the risk at any type of open-eating event/buffet is that people don't just go and have one burger -- since it's free I see people booth hopping - a burger here, a hot dog there, followed by a slice of pizza, washed down with some beer (lol some is an understatement - gotta drink as much as you can while you can), and ending the evening with a hot fudge sundae or some apple pie a la mode.

I mean, I can understand having a burger, some fries, and then some ice cream -- sure, tons of calories and still unhealthy, but it's one meal. What I can't understand is how 3-4 complete meals are consumed in the span of 2-3 hours ... horrifying yet fascinating at the same time. I wish I had pictures to share, but cameras aren't allowed in the embassy.

Anyway. It's an enjoyable evening out, but it's definitely better to eat at home and just enjoy the ambiance rather than the food.

Happy (early) Independence Day!


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