Sunday, March 4, 2012

Struggling + Week in Review (Brief)

My lack of sleep has definitely thrown me off balance.

I was absolutely exhausted yesterday - I'm glad Saturday's are my days 'off' from the gym ... I really needed the rest. I barely managed to do anything yesterday. The fatigue is unbelievable ... plus there's this pain in my left thigh ... not good.

This morning's workout was a disaster. Only managed a light cardio workout on the treadmill -- thigh was hurting. WTF?! Can't afford an injury now.

Brief weekly update --

- down 2.5 lbs since last week
- measured myself today -- pleased to see losses pretty much all around, even if they were small. The biggest difference was -2 inches off my abs. Whew. Gotta keep it up.
- food all week has been a disaster. Not because I overate or because I ate junk ... my meals just weren't organized. I didn't eat at my usual times so I was just thrown off balance. My meals were basically the same - cereal for breakfast; soup/sandwich/veggie scramble for lunch; fish for dinner.

Grocery trip planned for tomorrow. Gotta stock up. Barely have anything at home.

You can tell that I'm struggling from the (lack of) structure of this post.

Must. Sleep.

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