Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting Sorted

No work today!! Yay!! :) Since my students had their midterm exam yesterday, we all got today off to 'recuperate'! As tempting as it was to just laze the morning/afternoon away, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to tackle some of the tasks that I've set out for myself.

The only thing I had scheduled for today was a follow-up appointment with Dr. T. Unfortunately, he got pulled into emergency surgery so my appointment has been postponed until Saturday. I was a bit upset as I really wanted to get the go-ahead from him about resuming my workouts at my usual intensity ... but I'll have to wait for 2 more days. My leg is definitely feeling better, but I don't want to push it and injure myself unnecessarily. I will just have to wait until Saturday.

That aside, I finally took care of my car insurance -- I only recently realize it ran out in 2011. Ya, I know, that's terrible -- I was absolutely mortified when I found out, but I tell you, the PhD took over my life in a way that all of this stuff just didn't matter. In any case, it wasn't a problem at all, and the fine was only KD5 ($15) - whew. Now, I need to renew my license, which also expired last year -- yes, I know. It's at the top of my to-do list ... it's just that it's a hassle.

I also finally took care of some bank work. I absolutely hate going to the bank, but putting off this little task was costing me a butt load of money ... so I finally went and took care of it - SUCCESS!

Two big things done ... on to the workout.

I had set up a routine to follow while my leg recovered, and today was the last day of my weight training routine for the week. Here are the stats for the week:

Workout 1 (3/25)


1 point row

10 kg/arm

seated row

27 kg

shoulder press

8 kg/arm

lateral pull (wide)

41 kg

Swiss ball crunches


glute lifts


prone cobra


push ups


Workout 2 (3/27)


dead lifts

40 kg

cable wood chop


chest press

12/5 kg/arm

tricep extensions

18 kg

vertical traction

45 kg

sit ups


prone jackknife


lateral flexion


release/contract crunch w/5 kg weight




Workout 3 (3/29)


bicep curls

7 kg/arm

underhand lat pull

41 kg

lateral raises

5 kg/arm

clean and press

8 kg/arm

Although this was a nice break from the NROL4W routine, I'm eager to get back to Stage 6 on Sunday! I'm almost through the whole lifting plan.

I didn't do any abs today as I've been feeling quite a bit of pain in my lower abdomen since Monday. I don't know if it is related to the fibroid pain or if it's just general soreness. Given the amount of pain I felt last month I just didn't want to take a chance. Anyway. We'll see how I feel tomorrow ...


  1. Anonymous4:56 AM

    It's so easy to forget to do things like renew your license or car insurance! I have totally been there.

    1. I definitely can't let things like that slip again! :)

  2. Completing other tasks in our lives can be helpful for weight loss too I think, as the less stress you are under, the happy your body is and therefore the healthier you will be. So I am massively pleased with your day :D Well done!

    1. I totally agree! With each task I complete, the stress definitely lessens and I start to feel better overall.

  3. Awesome job on getting in the workout! And thanks for stopping by the blog... yup, I've checked out New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women but didn't do the program. Seems like I've done all the other programs out there (P90x, Insanity, Body for Life, Jillian etc.) so this would be a great program to do, too! I mean, since I have the book and all. =) Thanks for the reminder and inspiration to do it!

    1. It's really been great. I'm getting close to finishing the whole program ... can't wait to see how the rest of the stages go.


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