Monday, March 26, 2012

Catching Up & Summer Challenge

Where has the time gone? I find it incredible that I wake up so early in the morning and am still in a rush to get everything done. I feel like I'm constantly falling behind. While I do know that I procrastinate a bit, I know that I also keep busy almost all day ... Anyway.

I didn't get around to posting yesterday. Well, I started a post but never got around to finishing it. I didn't really have anything interesting to say in any case!

I started my new routine yesterday.

Sundays: 2.5 km warm-up (cross-trainer) followed by weights -- I just chose different exercises from the NROL4W program, but left out anything that involved lunges or squats. I found that even doing a one-point row (balancing on one foot while doing dumbbell rows) was still difficult for my left leg. Ugh!

I would have liked to have worked in another cardio session, but it didn't happen.

Mondays: cardio focus
I did 10 km on the cross-trainer this morning. It felt good!
I wanted to do some abs but didn't have time.

Apparently I need to either get to the gym earlier or modify my workout schedule because while I have managed to hit my main workout targets these past two days, I haven't been able to do the miscellaneous stuff ... and I know that it's the miscellaneous stuff that really jump starts/pushes me forward with losing weight.

I'm totally behind in the Happiness Project (been too busy trying to stay happy versus blogging about it) ... I will link up to the Happiness Project at the end of the month. For right now, I've got to set my goals for the Summer Challenge hosted by Maren.

Summer Challenge

1) Weight loss goal - divided into two parts:
Now to May 8th (the day I leave for London for my PhD defense): Lose 10 lbs
May 8th - June 3rd (end of challenge): Lose 5 lbs

2) Non-scale goal
Make it through my list of things to do.
I know that doesn't sound like a big goal, but believe me, it is -- my list of things to do is massive! I think what I need to do to tackle it I should make a daily (or at the very least weekly) list of targets to hit.

Pass my PhD Viva.
My Viva (PhD defense) is scheduled for May 11th. I've got to reread my thesis, make notes, and prepare for the defense. I'm hoping to pass it with only minor corrections to do ... it's definitely nerve-wracking!

3) Exercise goal
My workout plan is detailed and intense. However, due to time constraints in the morning (need to get to work by 9:45 am) I can't always finish it ... and I don't always have the time or energy to go back for a second workout. So, I'm going to divide my exercise goals into main goals and secondary goals.

Main goals:
- hit the gym 6 times a week
- complete 3 weight training sessions (free weights)
- complete 6 hours of cardio each week
- focus on abs workouts 3 times a week

Secondary goals:
- complete a 4th weight training session - either free weights or body pump
- complete another 4 hours of cardio per week (for a total of 10 hours of cardio)

4) Nutrition goal
I think my basic food choices are good, but I've still got to watch my portions and my intake of carbohydrates. I also need to make sure that I eat more fruit & raw foods. At the moment, although I mainly eat veggies, hardly any of it is raw. So, my main nutrition goals:

- Drink 3.5-4 L of water daily.
- Eat at least one serving of fruit (raw, not in the form of juice) daily
- Greatly reduce the quantity of carbs consumed during dinner
- Track food and water intake on a daily basis

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