Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back at CrossFit

The highlight of my day today was being back at the CrossFit Box. Being out of it for a while, I was a bit nervous about having the strength and stamina of getting back into it, but somehow I survived! It felt good to be back in the box :)

The weight lifting part isn't bad - it's all the jumping that gets to me - burpees, box jumps, jump squats. Ya, jumping is a pain when you've got all this weight to lift off the ground.

Something about what Kris wrote yesterday about food being linked to performance came to mind. For the most part, I've been on track since I've come back from holiday. However, the weekend (when there were several social events) threw me off course, and although I got right back into it, I felt like my bad choices haunted me during my workout.

It could be that ... or it could just be an excuse as to why the WOD was so tough -- it's probably a combination of both.

Oh well.

Short post today as I'm utterly exhausted. The next four days will be close to torture as the focus moves on taking care of a lot of Ministry work and helping parents pack and move boxes ... it's a workout in itself!

I've been terrible at commenting lately - will get to it when I get some time to myself!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Sometimes I wonder if I'm making excuses too, but I know when I eat junk, I feel and perform poorly.

    As for time to comment, etc., I completely understand. It's hard to get caught up sometimes.

  2. Hi! Well, yesterday, I was running around the block with Keebler chasing 4 different naughty bunnies, and thought how nice it would be if I didn't have this gut to run around with. It give me good incentive to get rid of the gut. :D

    :-) Marion


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