Saturday, June 2, 2012

Travel Time

I've got 2 weeks of travel ahead of me. I've decided not to freak out. I know what I need to do in order to help me stay on track.

My first trip is just 2 days to Abu Dhabi for the Madonna concert. I wonder if I've been too ambitious by packing gym gear for a 2 day trip?! It's all fit into my carryon so I'm taking it anyway. I saw pictures of the hotel gym and it looks fab. I really don't have anything to do during the day except relax, so why not try to squeeze in at least one workout (if not two).

The second trip will be a little more tricky. First of all, just getting to Mexico involves 19 hours of flying time (not including layover time) [and then there's return trip of course]. Plus the hotel where I'm staying at doesn't have a gym ... and of course I'll be busy at the conference for 3 out of the 5 days. So we'll see what I manage while being away.

So my plan for the trip is to exercise when I can and try to eat as sensibly as possible. I usually try to eliminate two things from my food when traveling - cheese and fried foods. For some reason I have a feeling that following this may be a bit more difficult in Mexico, but I'll try! The other thing I try to do is avoid heavy carbs at night. So I don't eliminate pasta, rice, potato etc. from my diet, but I just make sure I eat them earlier in the day so that I have time to work them off. I'll try to keep my dinners light.

I'm really looking forward to my trips, but I'm also eager to get back and fall into my summer routine. Does that sound weird? Probably.

With the end of the Ready for Summer Challenge, I've been thinking about my next goal(s). I still have such a long way to go on this weight loss journey that it feels overwhelming at times. Still, I know the key is to set smaller achievable goals. I'm eager to set my next group of goals and start working towards them, which is why I guess I'm looking forward to coming back.

I'll have exactly 6 weeks after returning before my next trip. That's 6 whole weeks to concentrate properly my eating habits and exercise. I'll be vacationing with a few women who look fabulous and fit -- I don't want to feel self-conscious!! I know I'll have to work hard!


I've got a few blog posts scheduled to keep my blog somewhat active while I'm away. I will, of course, try to check in whenever possible and keep reading/commenting on your blogs.



  1. Have a GREAT time. You are very wise to plan your workouts into you trips. But you also sound flexible enough to totally ENJOY your self too. Good combination.

  2. Enjoy and props for extending workout lifestyle regardless of traveling :) Have fun!

  3. Eating and working out while travelling is a challenge, but I saw you did it in Abu Dhabi, and I know you can handle Mexico too!


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