Friday, June 1, 2012

Finishing Up the Week

I've done really well this week in terms of hitting my exercise goals. The only thing I had left was my C25K workout - week 1 day 3.

This morning I completed the session. I have to say, I felt great! I didn't feel that mental dread that I felt during the previous two sessions. Instead, I felt well rested and eager to complete the week. It was great to feel the short running intervals were already getting easier! More details about my C25K progress here.

I skipped Body Combat to do the C25K program and after that I headed down to the Body Pump studio. I lessened my weights for the chest and triceps track by 1 kg just because my right arm/shoulder is still a bit sore. My instructor reckons my rotator cuff is inflamed. It's a good thing I'm going on holiday now because my body sure could use the rest!

I headed to Zumba right after Body Pump but unfortunately not enough people showed up for the class for them to hold the session. Too bad :( I had really been looking forward to the class since I haven't had time to attend lately, especially because of the CrossFit sessions. Oh well. Hopefully I can rejoin after I return from my holiday.

The rest of the day was spent packing and being pampered at the salon. It felt great to relax after a hectic week ... and tomorrow I'm off to Abu Dhabi! I can't wait :)

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  1. The C25K program is so solid, and you're doing great. You can do this!!


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