Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the Move

I didn't get to sleep until late last night (again). What is wrong with me? Is it still jet-lag? Vacation mode? Too lazy to go to bed (does that even make sense?). Or perhaps it's just because all I really want to do is park myself on the sofa and watch continuous episodes of Grey's Anatomy - after all, that is what I was doing until almost 2 a.m.

It wouldn't be so bad, but I was up by 6. So much for trying to reach my goal of 6 hours of sleep/night!

It was a busy, busy day mainly filled with errands to run for my parents. Their move is stressing me out in more ways than one, but I know that they are mega-stressed too, so anything I can do to help them out, I'll do it!

I did take an hour break to have coffee with some friends. I would have stayed longer but I started to get antsy about the errands I had to do. Plus I still hadn't made it to the gym so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get a workout in.

I was waiting for a few deliveries at home this afternoon so I thought I would get a head start preparing dinner. I recently bought The Big Book of Food and Nutrition (Men's Health) and they've got lots of great recipes in a section called '100 of the healthiest meals on the planet.' I want to try them all out!

Today I made Pinto-Sized Shrimp Salad.
This is what it looked like -

Not bad, huh? (It bugs me that the purple leaf on the plate is not centered on top. I'm trying to let it go ... I tried to rotate the photo, but that didn't work. I've already eaten the salad otherwise I would have taken the photo again -- ok. Breathe. Let it go.)

It took some time to prepare - chopping up the bell peppers and marinating the shrimp, but it was worth it. My favorite part was the jalapeno-lime dressing that goes with it. Yum! I'll be sure to post the recipe soon.

So did I make it to the gym? Yes :)

I did Day 3 of Week 2 in the C25K program. I was quite achy and sore from yesterday and I wasn't sure it was a good idea to do the program two days in a row ... but then I thought, why not? It's only 33 minutes of cardio.

I'm glad I did it. The session was much better than yesterday's. You can read about it here.

After that I rushed to Zumba class to get a bit of ass shaking in before dragging my tired/sore ass home to put the finishing touches on the salad.


Busy but satisfying day.


  1. That salad looks phenomenal!
    And wow - you are one busy Mama. Good for you - I love how you make the gym a priority! When you worry that you won't get a work out in, you know you are seriously committed to your health! :-) Love it!

  2. Gasp! That looks so pretty! Hahaha, I'm the same way when I take pics for my blog!

  3. Oh - that salad looks wonderfully delicious! Anything with lime and jalapeno together = bliss.

    Moving is stressful, probably more so on the one left behind. Be sure to take care of yourself and get that sleep in!

  4. Oh yeah, Grey's Anatomy is so addictive. I totally relate!!!!!

    :-) Marion

  5. I can stay up all night watching Gray's Anatomy as well. I am currently being kept up much too late reading 50 Shades of Grey. Must be a grey thing. Haha. Funny how the escape of trashy tv & books can mess us up!

  6. C25k... If I do it multiple days in a row, it's okay. But I've found if I put 2 days between each session, my times and stamina improve so much. Great thing about programs like that, you can find out so much about your body! I hope that you continue to rock it!


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