Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winding Down and SSSD Update

Tonight the movers are coming to put the boxes into the shipping container. I know it'll be a big relief to my parents to see all the stuff go. I can't even begin to describe how difficult the past week has been. We've been working endless hours and have reached the point of total exhaustion. Needless to say, sitting down at my computer to write a proper blog post (or comment on other blogs) just hasn't been possible. I do hope, however, that as things are winding down, I'll be able to get back into the swing of things.

I can't believe we're so close to the end of June. I had visions of relaxation and easy days for my summer vacation. All I can say right now is, what summer vacation? Still, I'm glad I've had the time (and strength/energy) to help my parents. Moving is a monumental task!

I feel like I'm in an emotionally/mentally fragile state at the moment. The days have been punctuated with tears as the reality of their move is setting in ... the thing is, once they leave Kuwait, because of visa issues, they can't come back. That's what worries me the most - even though they've lived in Kuwait for 40 years, if I get sick or if something happens, they can't just fly over ... it's complicated. It's just something that's been weighing me down. Anyway. I'm trying to stay positive. I'm so thankful for email/FaceTime. Now making a phone call or even hopping on a plane to make a 6-hour flight to visit them in Bangladesh is not a big deal. It's the emotional distance that feels far.

Packing up my room in my parents house was also emotional. Even though I haven't stayed there since 2004, I always knew it was there. I've never lived in Kuwait without my parents being here. They are what made this country home for me. Without them here, it's just another country. I'm just another expatriate living and working here. It's not really that special anymore.

Ok. This is getting depressing!!

The good thing about this whole experience - I'm totally motivated to get rid of my clutter!! When I eventually leave this country, I do not want to go through what my parents just went through. I need to get rid of stuff now. I'm definitely making it a priority this summer. Yesterday morning I went to my closet and picked out 56 items of clothing and just put them in the charity bin. It felt so good -- what's the point in holding on to these things that I never wear? I hope that I can get rid of more stuff. Bit by bit, I'm going to tackle this!

I haven't had a proper workout since Thursday's CrossFit session. However, I've have definitely worked my ass off running from room to room, packing, cleaning, lifting and pushing boxes! I didn't weigh myself on Sunday (I've totally lost track of time) nor did I precisely track my food for the past 4 days. Still, I've been conscious of my decisions and have been trying to do the best I can.

The task for this week's challenge was to try a new exercise -- aside from all the physical activity involved in the move (definitely new for me!!) my schedule was normal, so nothing new to share with that. I had ambitious goals for exercise for week 3 - I only hit half of them. Until my parents leave, I'm not going to stress out about it. This is an important time in my life. I'd normally get really anxious if anything interfered with my workout schedule. This week, however, they take priority. I'm not stressed about it. I know I'll get back into my normal routine once they've gone.

At least I managed to get into the gym today and walk 5 km. Not much, but it was something.

So, a lot of emotional stuff going on here and not a lot of focused physical movement -- time will tell how it all turns out for me!


  1. Hopefully it'll turn out great! Fingers are crossed for you.

    I'm a firm believer in de-cluttering and regularly try and get rid of things I don't wear/want anymore.

    56 items in the charity bin is pretty awesome! High five!!

  2. This must be so difficult, I can't imagine. I swear my dad was part gypsy; we moved so often when I was growing up that I have no attachments to anything. Even now, I'm prodding my husband to be willing to move soon!

    I'm sure you'll be back in our routine soon. And yes, de-cluttering is a fantastic exercise. I'm trying to work on some bookshelves for books I haven't read in years.


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