Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Farewell

The only thing on my mind today was the farewell luncheon/tea that I was having for my parents at my place. Although I was having most of it catered, there were still a lot of things to do in the house - cleaning up, getting all the serving dishes ready, preparing the salads - plus the dreaded grocery shopping trip.

For some reason I only managed to sleep for 2 1/2 hours last night (is my insomnia coming back or is it jet lag??). Not getting enough sleep worries me. I've suffered from insomnia my whole life and feel lucky when I managed to get 5 solid hours, ecstatic when I get 6 (shocked when I get more - very, very rare). So struggling to sleep makes me feel anxious, which I know also contributes to the insomnia. It's a terrible cycle! Anyway.

The advantage of not sleeping is that I was able to go to the supermarket early. I'm always amazed at how long it takes to get my grocery shopping done. I was there for 1 1/2 hours! Oh well, at least my fridge is fully packed with yummy veggies to last the upcoming week.

My contribution to the luncheon was two of my parents' favorite salads: My 'Welcome Back' Salad and a Three Bean Salad (will post the recipe later). Just those two things took ages to prep - but they enjoyed them both so it was worth it :)

The farewell itself was nice. It was just a small gathering of my friends that have known my parents for several years plus KD (Body Pump instructor) and her husband as they're recent close additions to my life. It was a simple afternoon/evening -- the reality of them didn't really hit me until people started saying good-bye. Then it started to feel strange. I know for my friends who are foreigners here, it has been nice having my parents as a 'permanent' fixture in Kuwait. It's like they're all part of the family - need help in an emergency? Need advice? Need a home cooked meal? They don't need to wait for their parents to come visit them - my parents are here. Even if they didn't meet up regularly, my parents were here ... and in two weeks, they'll be gone. It was a strange feeling.


  1. I have not followed you long enough to know much of your background but I wondered how far away your parents are going. At least in this day and age, we can communicate with our loved ones almost immediately. Your luncheon sounds like fun. :)

  2. I used to have a lot of sleep issues. I've learned how to get rid of most of them. Otherwise, if I can't, I just get up and do something useful.

    One major sleep issue was my husband tossing and turning in bed like a huge walrus. He likes to be awake most of my best sleeping hours. So it was necessary to put him on the couch so I could sleep. It sounds mean, but we are both happier sleepers for it.

    :-) Marion


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