Sunday, June 3, 2012

Get up Again Over and Over

Tonight is the Madonna concert. To say that I'm excited is an understatement. I've been waiting for this concert ever since the 80's :)

For today's post, I've decided to share one of her songs. I know it's an old one, but it's one of my favorites - and it's a great theme for this blog.

Over and Over - Madonna

Hurry up, I just can't wait
I gotta do it now, I can't be late
I know I'm not afraid, I gotta get out the door
If I don't do it now, I won't get anymore

You try to criticize my drive
If I lose, I don't feel paralyzed
It's not the game, it's how you play
And if I fall, I get up again now. 

I get up again, over and over
I get up again, over and over
I get up again, over and over
I get up again, over and over

Got past my first mistake
I'll only give as much as I can take
You're never gonna see me standin' still
I'm never gonna stop 'till I get my fill

It doesn't matter who you are
It's what you do that takes you far
And if at first you don't succeed
Here's some advice that you should heed

You get up again, over and over


  1. I bet she puts on a great concert! Have fun! :D

  2. How exciting! Great song too.
    Have a great time!!!

  3. Have a blast at the show. I bet she is amazing live. I love the lyrics you posted - so many of us need to know that if we fall, we CAN get up - again and again, and again, if needed.

  4. I hope you have a super time. The best part of life is the experiences. So I look forward to a full report. :D

    :-) Marion

  5. Awesome theme - and something I really needed to read today, so THANKS!

  6. Great song & great theme!!

    Hope the concert was awesome!!


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